COVID-19: Dubai to abolish temperature checks

Zero closures, fines
On Wednesday, the Dubai Economy tweeted that the Dubai business community continues with the highest level of guideline compliance with zero fines, zero closures and zero warnings issued. Inspections of 449 companies found that all were in full compliance with precautionary measures in place to limit the spread of COVID-19, the authority said.

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It was the second consecutive day without violations. Up to 455 companies that were inspected on Tuesday were also found to comply with the regulations.

Furthermore, no closure or sanctions were envisaged after inspections carried out in hundreds of commercial establishments in recent days. However, some commercial media have received warnings.

Join the protocol
Dubai Economy has urged all commercial facilities in Dubai to strictly adhere to all precautionary measures against COVID-19 during the New Year celebrations to ensure community safety and avoid fines. Precautionary measures include the use of masks, physical distancing and compliance with hygiene protocols.

What the doctors say
The elimination of thermal imaging cameras and temperature controls from shopping centers has been hailed as a trust-building mechanism by the healthcare community. These scans and temperature checks have been carried out in all closed public places in recent months as a tool to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Right decision
Dr Atul Aundhekar, CEO of Avivo Health Care Group, explained: “Taking temperature using thermal scanners or sensors hasn’t been of much help. Thermal scanners absorbed heat energy from people. The temperature can occur due to any type of disease, and people are smart enough to take antipyretic drugs. So this was giving a false sense of security, “Dr Aundhekar said. You have a feeling that the government is acting very rationally and is doing the right thing.

Follow the four COVID-19 protection protocols
Ultimately, everyone must be responsible and continue to practice social distancing, wearing the mask correctly, washing their hands frequently, and using hand sanitizers. It is these protocols followed by everything that will keep us safe, explained Dr Aundhekar.

Parking service
The Dubai Department of Economics has also stopped practicing valet parking providing plastic sheeting and covers on the steering wheels and driver’s seat to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This practice was followed in all shopping centers, hotels and public car parks that offer car collection and return services.

“This practice also provided a false sense of security. Valet attendants in all these places would manually put these covers on the steering wheel and seats. So this didn’t rule out any possibility of contamination if someone driving your car goes positive or comes into contact with a other positive person. Transmission of the virus from inanimate surfaces to nasopharyngeal openings is a challenge. People thought their car had wheel covers to keep them safe, but that’s not true. This is important for each of us to be constantly alert. , avoid meetings, follow protocols and be responsible and isolate ourselves if we test positive “, explained Dr. Aundhekar.

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