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Three Steps To Attracting More Satisfying Relationships

As long as the Law of Attraction only has the “I DON’T WANT” script, orchestrate that script over and over. We need to give the Law of Attraction a NEW MATERIAL to work with.

What do you really want in your relationships? Safety? Hit it? Loyalty? Company? Communication? What?

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Wondering why you keep attracting certain types of people into your life?

Are you tired of being disappointed in “love”?

Have you ever been “betrayed” by someone you thought was a friend?

Can’t wait to find that special person to live with forever?

Here are three steps that can help you attract more fulfilling relationships:

Step 1: Make a complete list of all the characteristics or scenarios of your past relationships that you DON’T WANT to relive. You can use the T tool for this exercise, or you can just take a new sheet of paper and draw a large “T” on it.

Label the left column “I don’t want” and the right column “I do”.

Ask your Inner Being to remind you of past events that you do NOT want to repeat.

Write a few words about each event that express the essence of that event.

Step 2: Look at each item on the “I don’t want …” side and ask yourself this question: “If I don’t want this, what do I want?”

One of the main reasons we continue to attract the same unsatisfactory relationships is because we don’t use the contrast contained in those negative events to clarify what we WANT.

Step 3: Write a script about what you want your relationships to be like:

As long as the Law of Attraction only has the “I DON’T want” script, it just orchestrates that script over and over. We need to give the Law of Attraction a NEW MATERIAL to work with.

The scripts access all four parts of the brain.

The left brain dealing with words and logic;

The right hemisphere includes patterns and symbols;

The midbrain experiencing emotions; Y

The brain stem that records physical stimulation.

When we write a script, starting with a sentence like: “If I had done it my way …”, and we use our imagination on what makes us feel good, we are accessing our right and middle brains. A thought or feeling comes in and we translate it into words (using the left side of the brain) that symbolize the thought or feeling (the right side again). Writing the script involves the body, which is registered in the brain stem.

When all four parts of the brain are engaged, a powerful message is sent to the Universe.

I like to end my scripts with the phrase, “And do it in a way that is for my greatest good and the greatest good of everyone involved.” This is a phrase that helps me put aside the “HOW” all of this will happen, and allows the Law of Attraction to implement it in the best possible way.

Remember, the Law of Attraction brings us exactly what we vibrate. So if we want to experience relationships that are more fulfilling then we need to change our dominant vibration to match the experiences we WANT to have.

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