Prevent data loss and diagram your IT solutions

New capabilities make it easier to prevent data loss at endpoints and to map IT solutions based on ASW.

Protect sensitive information on your endpoints: In July, we announced a public preview of Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) that extends our data protection capabilities to devices. Now publicly available, Endpoint DLP enables organizations to enforce policies that define and prevent sensitive information from being shared,, or used consistently across the cloud, on premises, and at endpoints. We’re also adding new capabilities to public preview based on customer feedback, such as adding location-based deployment and sensitivity actions, a new dashboard in the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center to manage DLP alerts, and more.

Watch this mechanics video or visit our documentation for more information.

This image shows an example of how to create a rule using a DLP endpoint.
Draw Your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Architecture in Visio for the Web – Diagrams are a great way for cloud engineers to visualize the design, deployment, and topology of IT solutions built on AWS. We are pleased to announce that we have added support for creating AWS diagrams for various structures and service interactions in Visio for the web. There are more than 400 ways available to help architects redesign existing infrastructure designs, visualize application architecture, or visualize the current state of their cloud environment and plan for the future. To help you get started easily, we’ve provided some blueprints with various AWS services. Go to the Visio web application home page and select your preferred diagram template to quickly start visualizing your AWS infrastructure.

This image shows a screenshot diagram of SAP using SIOS.
As you continue to navigate to a more sustainable hybrid workplace, we are committed to developing technologies that help your people and teams thrive. From building low-code apps within Teams to new artificial intelligence capabilities to help you manage tasks more easily, these updates are all aimed at empowering people. Have the ability to collaborate productively, safely and securely from anywhere.

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