Tips For Sharing Your Photography On The Web

Wade through the sea of ​​options to view your photos online
Most of us start with photography because we love creating images, it takes us outdoors and helps us explore our creative selves. We do it for ourselves because it makes us happy.

Bra Pantys

But there is a different side of photography that adds another dimension to the experience: sharing images with others. It is one of the most popular activities on the internet.

We do this to share experiences with our families and friends, receive comments from other photographers and attract clients or clients.

There are three steps to making a great online impression:

1. Select images for your online portfolio
So, you want to put all your images online for everyone to see, right? This is a very bad idea. Don’t put them online, the downside is putting * all * your images online.

Imagine looking at a photographer’s portfolio and he has hundreds of images. Some are architecture, some are seascapes, some are portraits, some are still lifes. You will see many of these. Hundreds of photographers will mix in your mind because they can’t be distinguished from each other.

On the other hand, let’s say you look at a photographer’s work and he has 20 images, all of black and white seascapes. He becomes the “boy of the black and white seascape”. Or let’s say they are all dog portraits. He becomes the “woman in a dog portrait” in your mind.

This does not mean that if you are the woman who portrays a dog, you cannot make architectural images. You don’t have to choose from the start what kind of photographer you want to become. Just choose a selection of your images to show the world right now. This will make you stand out in people’s minds and you will have more followers because people can relate to you.

Choose a topic to work on. My first topic was seascapes at sunset.
Notice how all the images have a certain look. They fit as a group. And there are less than 20 of them. This is what you should do.

2. Creating your web gallery
Now that you have a large set of images to share with the world, you need to choose a method for posting them online.
But … where to start? There are so many options!

So many that I could never summarize the pros and cons of each available alternative, but I’ll share what I’ve learned so that you can get started quickly and easily. And I’ll only suggest sites where your photos are sure to look good (sorry Flickr leaving you out)!

The first thing is to determine what your goals are at the moment.

Do you want to share with your family and friends without the intention of selling?
Do you want to share and sell your images?
Do you want to have a blog where you can share stories with your images?
Are you ready to have your website with your own domain name and take over the technicalities or hire someone to do it?
Let’s go through these options step by step.

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